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French An XIII Cuirassier's Sabre, Original Clipped Point (sold)

Guaranteed authentic, Klingenthal made Napoleonic Wars French Cuirassier Heavy Cavalry Sword with scarce original clipped point

French An XIII Cuirassier's Sabre, Original Clipped Pointimage 600 2

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I am sure this sabre is a fallen or captured Cuirassier's sabre from Waterloo. And again proves the French used both clipped and modified spear point versions at the famous battle (see An XIII article). Clipped points command a large premium amongst collectors, as they are much rarer than the field modified spear pointed versions.

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With its full sized 97 cm blade with original clipped point, this is a very impressive sabre to say the least. Manufacturer marked and dated along spine "Mf ture Rle du Klingenthal Août 1814", the blade was made in August 1814 during Napoleon's first exile to the Elba (hence the "Royal" rather than "Imperial"). Hilt marked with rack number "944" plus a Bick inspection stamp (plus another too feint to determine now). Correct inspector "poinçons" (inspection marks) of Borson, Bick and Lobstein (see: Klingenthal Markings and Inspector Markings).

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The sabre comes with a mark 3 steel scabbard (some people refer to it as the 1816 model when it was finally officiated, but which was around from late 1814). The grip leather is I believe original but the twisted grip wire I am sure is a replacement and a little loose (could be tightened). The scabbard has been zealously cleaned and shined at some stage, plus has a kink one side in it. The blade is firm in the grip and the wonderful brass hilt in good order. This rare sabre is well worth £2000. Further and full sized images available upon request. My item reference is 600 - Box 223 (1.18m)

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