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Special offers & discounts on our antique swords, sabres, etc.

Below is our list of recently reduced and still available antique swords, sabres and other edged weapons; each item has been reduced 20%. Please note: we do not guarantee the items listed below will be available at the discounted offer price tomorrow! There is nothing wrong per say with the specials; it may simply be a case of our having too many of a certain pattern / type / model.

In addition, repeat customers, serving armed forces & police qualify for an additional 10% discount off the original price (total 30% discount off original price). And don't forget, if your order is over £1000, you qualify for free shipping too!

In addition, we are open to sensible only offers on any item listed on our site; many swords we will not take an offer on, but some we may. Contact us and let us know what sword(s) you are interested in and at what price.

Items currently offered with a 20% discount

American & European

British Infantry


British Cavalry

Other British



Islamic, Oriental & Ethnographic



Keris / Kris


Other Weapons


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