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Australian Antique Sword Dealers

G'day Australian antique sword collectors. OK, so we are about as Aussie as paella or warm beer, but we do have a lot of customers in Australia, many of them Australian antique sword dealers; we are amazed how much they sell swords they have bought from us for to collectors in Australia.

The question is, why on earth pay more to buy an antique sword from an Australian dealer, who may well have bought the sword from us in the first place, when you can buy direct from us?

Sending antique swords to Australia is quick and easy. We can get a sword to you in as little as 3 days and we handle all the Customs clearance documentation for you. Even if you opt for postal services delivery, perhaps because you want delivery to your PO Box, no problem; International parcel post deliveries have got faster and faster of late, normally taking around a week to get to you down under.

Currently, antique, vintage and collectible swords do not require an import permit, only daggers, bayonets, etc. Strange huh?! But best to always check first / the current situation, as things can change.

When you buy from us, not only do you get lower European prices, but you also get our experience and 100% authenticity guarantee; all of our antique swords are guaranteed authentic. We are European based British dealers with a long and vast experience of British, French, German, Japanese and other swords, and other edged weapons. We are confident that if you buy from us once, you will buy again and again.

Above statement subject to change. Page last updated 3rd April, 2019.

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