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Packing, Shipping & Insurance

Free Express UPS / Fedex / ParcelForce / EMS Shipping & Insurance Offer:

Buy & pay for over £1000 in items, and we will include express insured shipping at no extra cost! (Can not be combined with any other offers).

Estimated shipping times;

British Flag Next day delivery (ParcelForce)
EU Flag Three working days (EMS / UPS)
US Flag Canadian Flag Four working days (UPS / USPS)
Australian Flag New Zealand Flag Five working days (UPS / Parcel Post)

Please note: the free shipping offer can not be combined with any other offer or discount and express shipping is subject to availability through our wholesale account.

Our Standard Registered Shipping Costs:


If you do not quailfy for free shipping, our typical inclusive (incl. good packaging / boxes) shipping costs by EMS / standard parcel post for swords are;

UK: £15 (Next day)
Europe / EU: £25 to £45 (Normally 3 to 5 days delivery)
USA / Canada: £40 to £55 (Normally 4 to 6 days delivery)
Australia / New Zealand: £50 to £80 (Normally 3 to 5 days delivery)

Smaller / lighter items may well cost less.

Customers within the UK / EU
There are no Customs procedures, no Customs charges / duty, no shipping issues.

Customers outside the EU, please note that UPS often renders brokerage import charges on items above $1000 (they may ask you to pay for importation clearance). This is nothing we can control, affect or even pre-pay. The alternative is to go with parcel postal services, who are very good.

Please be aware of import brokerage fees if you chose UPS; Canada / USA / Australia - Elsewhere outside the EU, please go to and search for "Customs Brokerage Services"

PO Boxes: Yes, we can deliver to PO Boxes using parcel postal services.



Please note: The insured value must equal the declared / Customs value.

Customs / Law

Not appolicable to UK customers. Shipping our swords to customers both inside and outside the European Union is 100% legal (for us to do) BUT please read our Customs Information page first (if you are outside the EU) and make sure it is legal for you before agreeing to buy, as import / receipt is your responsibility and liability. Please read the section below "Is it legal to import?". If you are in the EU, it does not matter so much as it is "Movement of Goods", the same as when you send something within the same country, not Import / Export. So there are no Customs procedures / concerns as such within the EU. But ultimately, no matter where you live, it is your responsibility and liability to check to make sure receiving the items is permitted. We only accept liability for clearing Customs in the country the sword is sent from.


We generally use double skinned cardboard boxes (except for the smallest items / sizes). We protect the swords inside the boxes with bubble wrap and other packaging materials as we would if we were sending the sword to ourselves; we often pack swords that do not have metal scabbards in hardboard tubes first and then pack that into a box.

We are also able to have a carpenter make a solid sword carry case (any sword size) out of chipboard for £100, but we do not believe this is necessary.


We ship the vast majority of our swords from the UK, but a very small number from Spain / Portugal; we will advise you if a sword is NOT in the UK. If we ship from the Iberian Peninsula, we normally use the Portuguese Postal EMS Express Registered Service, which has proven excellent and very quick. If we ship from the UK, we use ParcelForce or UPS.

We do not ship to Africa, China (including Hong Kong), Korea, Taiwan, Japan, South East Asia (Malaysia and Singapore OK), the Indian sub-continent, Israel, the Middle East, South America (including Mexico), Pacific Islands (Hawaii OK), Russia or Russian Federation countries or former Soviet block countries that are not in the EU, or way off places we have never heard of / shipped to before except via UPS.


We provide tracking details immediately after despatch.

Is it legal to import?

Universal Postal Union Restrictions By Country - Click the link for Prohibited Articles - Arms are covered by Chapter 93 under each country. You will see all arms have been prohibited for carriage by the Spanish Postal Authority, so we need to make special arrangements of carriage; please contact us for details if you want delivery within Spain. Some countries may require permits for certain edged weapons. For example, in Australia (where everything is apparently upside down), you do not require an import permit for a sword yet amazingly you do require one for a bayonet. Also be aware of CITES prohibition of certain goods (ivory, tortoiseshell, etc.). Any items with ivory (grips) or tortoiseshell (scabbards / grips) items we sell are all antiques, but you may still have to arrange an import permit, especially if you are outside the EU.

If you are inside the EU (yes, that does include the UK), it is "movement", not import / export of goods. Movement of Goods means that items can be sent from one EU member state / country to another without regular Customs declaration or inspection. So, if you are in the EU, unless your police department require you to have a license to own an antique / collectible edged weapon as we sell, you do not have to worry; we can send you anything listed on my site without any concerns.

Damage & Loss in Transit

It is especially important to either refuse any seriously damaged parcel, or make the delivery agent aware (make a note of it where you sign) and to take photos before and during opening the package. We have been very lucky in only having a small number of people report that the box / packaging was damaged, and luckier still that no-one has yet to provide any evidence to us of damaged goods inside (swords and other edged weapons are normally pretty robust of course). If you sign for a parcel and then claim the package / item inside was damaged in transit after the event, any claim you have will be null and void.

In order to claim on any insurance provided regarding damage, you must advise us by email immediately upon receipt / attempted delivery, and you must provide photos as above.

If an item goes missing in transit, you need to advise us as soon as possible (you are responsible for keeping an eye on tracking). Standard delivery caveats apply; that is to say, if the parcel is being sent by postal services and they will only declare an item missing after XX days, we can only start the insurance claim process after XX days.

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