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Sword Identifications & Valuations

Sword Identifications / Valuations

Selling a sword? If yes, please go to our Selling a Sword page.

For ID's & Valuations you can email us with photos ONLY and PROVIDING you have ALREADY paid our 12€ / £10 per ID / valuation charge by PayPal; we do not ever provide a free service and can only report solely on the photos you provide us (we will not review / consider any claims you make about any item or its past history / ownership unless you have documented provenance).

Please read this all and carefully.

If you require a sword identification and / or valuation (We provide UK auction and retail value estimates only), we may be able to help you; it depends on the sword and whether we are knowledgeable in that area of course. We charge 12€ (Euros) or £10 (GBP - British pounds sterling) per simple sword ID & valuation; we ONLY accept PayPal payments for this. If you want extra information such as the authentication / translation of a Japanese mei (the signature / date on the tang of the blade), research or advice, this will cost more and we will let you know how much in advance IF we are able to do it for you in the first place.

Our ID's / valuations are short and to the point, and by email. We do not provide certificates or detailed information. They are / may often be opinion only based on the salient features of the item(s). If you are unhappy with a valuation from us, you are welcome and free to seek a second opinion somewhere else. If you receive second opinion from a notable expert (e.g. related recognized author or long established owner of a relevant web site / antique sword business) WITH citations / references to other sources (reference books, etc.), we will gladly refund your fee; if not, we will not refund (just because you are unhappy about our opinion / valuation does not make it cause for recourse - all valuations are expert opinion only).

Please see further below regarding German daggers and Japanese blades

To get an ID / valuation from us / start the process;

1) Please pay 12€ / £10 for each sword you want ID'd & valued to our PayPal account:
Please ensure you enter the correct amount and select the appropriate currency. Payment of the fee constitutes acceptance of the above and below texts / terms & conditions. Please advise us once you have paid the fee.

2) Email us clear images of your sword(s) - our email address is;

Please do not send us many very large high resolution photos as our email account may reject these. It may be a good idea to open a free photobucket account, upload your images there, and then simply send us a link to your photobucket portfolio; please ensure you select "public" for your images (so we do not have to register to view them).

Please do not send us more than 20 words in support of the photos and attach any evidence you have of provenance of the original owner / officer if claimed.

3) If we can not help you regarding any sword, we will refund the £10 for each. If we can help, we will send you back the sword model / type and its value (both auction value and retail / insurance value).

Please do not ask us to ID / value a sword without first making the PayPal payment. We get so many emails asking for what amount to be requests for free information that regrettably we simply can not respond to any requests that have not paid in advance any more.

Photos: If sending from a mobile, please ensure you send hi resolution full sized and clear photos, not thumbnails or low resolution / out of focus. DropBox Etc: We will not view photos in a 3rd party service like DropBox IF we have to register (as they force us to share out contacts list to register and we simply are not prepared to do this). Zipped files: Please do NOT send us zipped files due to the security risks of opening such files. Long emails: Please do not send us long emails unless you are paying us for consultancy. Please only send us succinct / short emails with photos.

What will get for the money?
A simple ID and valuation, e.g.

It is a George V India service 1912P British cavalry officer's sword (plus a circa date if known)
At UK auction in that condition and without a scabbard / any provenance, it would likely make £100 to £120
So, double that value for retail / insurance.

Consultancy (Extra) Work
We may be willing / able to do consultancy work. If we are, we would charge £150 per hour or part thereof. Payment would be 2 hours in advance plus settlement of each 5 hour period when such occur. Consultancy work included, for example, sword and original owner research.

German Daggers
Because of the absolute nonsense (wild speculative often uneducated opinion, including by so called "experts") regarding WW2 ear German daggers, we do NOT provide a valuation / authntication this service for these.

Japanese Blades
Because of the number of gemei (ge-mei) meis (often period or later honour signatures), we do NOT provide a valuation / authentication this service for these.

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