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We NEVER sell reproductions (unless period and stated as such). We NEVER misdescribe items. We NEVER hide damage. We NEVER fake items. We never make highly dubious claims about our items. We NEVER add spurious markings. We offer a no-quibble consumer money back guarantee (dealer purchases excluded, see: sales / contact).

Originally owning a large private sword collection, the British founder of Antique Swords .Com started selling a few swords on eBay, to make space for swords he had bought and everything grew from there. We have always tried to do an exceptional job presenting our items accurately and taking care of anyone who bought from us.

Potential buyers, please see our customer feedback here:
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The above feedback was left for us on the forum Antique Swords Org which has now closed. You will see our lowest rating was 9 out of 10 with over 75% of customers saying we scored 10 our of 10!

We have many satisifed customers including new & experienced collectors, other militaria dealers, sword reference book authors, regiments and museums.

Truthfully, we have only had one item returned for a refund in 11 years; in fact, many customers tell us that the items they bought from us exceeded their expectations.

There are now three collectors involved with this site. Not so much commercial growth, but growth of interest. We pool our resources and knowledge and believe we do a good job because of this.

So please feel confident when you buy from us. We try to include any issues with a sword in the description plus provide large / good quality images of the items upon request. Many people say how honestly we described the item after they have bought and received them, and that our photos do not do the items they received justice (better that way than our using misleading photos).

We ourselves buy from a number of sources. Some items come from individuals, some from collectors, some from estate sales and some from auctions. This can be a very fraught / risky business unless you know what you are doing. Over the years, we have gained more and more experience, including and especially knowing which auction houses to avoid! At the end of the day, when you buy from us, you are buying from very experienced collectors with a large library of reference books / material, who filter out the good from the bad and sell only authentic, quality items that are honestly and accurately described. Sure, we make a little money from it, but we truly believe the insurance value of your buying from a site like ours is well worth the small premium.

We pride ourselves on selling professionaly and ethically but, it has to be said, many antique sword dealers and auction houses do not; highly respected sellers / auctions are often the worse! Please see our page on the most common bad dealer practices here.

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