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The reason so many US antique sword collectors buy from us, even though we are not in the United States, is a) guaranteed authenticity, b) our product knowledge, c) our low prices and d) because we offer quick, hassle free shipping to all 50 US States (we take care of all documentation, Customs clearances, etc.). Currently, there are no restrictions on antique weapons coming into the USA, though you should always check the current situation of course.

Truly, we can have any of our antique swords and sabers delivered to you in 3 working days; 1 day more than if you bought from an antiques dealer actually based in the United States. Although there may be some Customs Clearance charges from the likes of UPS (currently, anything declared with a value in excess of £560 is subject to this, to many nonsense administrative / courier profiteering charge, and we can help you avoid these / use other couriers if required), there is no duty or sales tax to pay on antiques coming into the USA.

You should find, as one of Europe's foremost antique sword dealers, we have a better selection, especially of European edged weapons, guaranteed authenticity and lower prices. Even if you do not buy from us, we provide an authenticity, identification and valuation service, so you can be sure the sword you bought or are planning to buy is 100%.

Of course, we would rather sell you one of our own antique swords / sabres than help you buy safely elsewhere; we are sure that if you buy from us once, you will buy from us again and again due to the service and hassle free delivery you get from us.

Above statement subject to change. Page last updated 3rd April, 2019.



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