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EU / European Union Antique Sword Dealers

We believe we are the foremost antique sword dealers in the EU. We guarantee authenticity, we deliver very quickly, we have several notable antique sword reference book authors as customers, and we accept Euros and most other major European currencies.

We offer delivery by UPS or EMS and, of course, can provide you with an EU tax invoice although, be advised, like most antique sword dealers, we use the "VAT / IVA Margin Scheme", so none of the sales tax is reclaimable.

We have regular customers throughout the European Union, especially in the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Finland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway (yes, we know Norway is not yet in the EU). The two primary reasons European sword collectors buy from us are price, as buying from dealers in their own countries can be very expensive, and authenticity; we 100% guarantee our items are authentic, as described.

We typically buy the antique swords we sell from the UK and France, though we do buy elsewhere from time to time. As collectors first, sellers second, we do not believe there is another antique sword dealer in the EU to equal the value and security / safety in buying that we do.

Currently, while still in the EU, we can ship to customers elsewhere in the European Union without any Customs checks / clearance and / or taxes / duty. What will be the case after Brexit, if Brexit happens, like our beloved politicians in Westminster, we do not currently know.

Above statement subject to change. Page last updated 3rd April, 2019.

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