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We sell guaranteed authentic antique swords, sabres and other edged weapons around the world. Although our primary markets are the UK, EU, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, we have customers in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Malaysia, Israel, Russia, the Ukraine, Bahrain, Kuwait, Botswana, and the United Arab Emirates. We are happy to ship our items anywhere domestic law and Customs allow, and we try to work with customers where not (for example, our customers in Russia and the Ukraine buy via friends in Finland, Poland, etc.).

Certain countries we can not ship to (China, Indonesia, North Korea, etc.) but we will always try to find a way, no matter where you want delivery, as long as UPS, Fedex or the International Parcel Post service delivers there! While Hong Kong and Singapore appear to have no interest in our items for duty / tax / restriction purposes, Malaysia requires items like keris / kris to have an import permit obtained by the customer (importer); we have sent several items without this at our customer's request however without any issue.

Above statement subject to change. Page last updated 3rd April, 2019.

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