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Culloden era Scottish infantry officer's backsword / broadsword

Circa 1720-30, an iron hilted Scottish infantry officer's backsword / broadsword complete with scabbard.

Culloden Scottish Infantry Officer's BackswordCulloden Scottish Infantry Officer's Broadsword

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Please note: this is a backsword / broadsword because the lower half of the blade is double edged while the upper half is single edged.

The iron hilt work, pronounced pommel nipple and rounded style of the pommel itself dates this Scottish infantry officer's backsword to around 1720 to 1730, maybe a little later. Certainly in time for and probably in use during the Jacobite rebellion which ended with their bloody defeat at Culloden by the Hanoverian English troops and the few loyal Scottish clans. The blade may actually be a little earlier; a fine blade remounted as was common.

image culloden Scottish backsword broadsword 3

A rare sword especially in that it comes with its original scabbard, though the last section of the reinforced leather chape is missing; still, it is lovely to get one still with its scabbard and a repair is quite possible.

Whoever owned this sword originally was a very big and strong Scotsman; it weighs 1.445 Kg and the blade is a massive 38.75 inches (98.5 cm) longer than a Napoleonic French Cuirassier's blade. It is extremely well made and very satisfying though tiring to wield. He was also right handed and the basket is sized for the knuckles of a right handed man.

image culloden Scottish backsword broadsword 4

The blade has a fair degree of rusted areas, though the rust is now stable and the blade strong; it is still firm in the hilt. The hilt has a small section broken off and another slightly indented with an associated breakage od one of the small bar joints. I have looked, I can not find any maker marks on the hilt. The grip is still good though worn; the"Turks heads" ferrules and ring bindings still good and firm.

This is a superb sword from a very important era of Scottish history. Full sized images upon request.

image culloden Scottish backsword broadsword 6

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