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French 1822 model Cavalry trooper's sword captured Battle Sedan (sold)

Good condition M 1822 French cavalry sabre and scabbard, blade subsequently etched Sedan 1871.

M1822 French Cavalry Trooper's SabreM1822 French Cavalry Trooper's Sword

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In good condition and unusually etched, this M1822 French cavalry trooper's sabre was taken at the Battle of Sedan (1870). The battle was won by the Prussians (Germans) and saw the end of an era in France; to many French this battle is still one of France's greatest national shames. Interestingly the blade is not etched by the French prior to the battle nor possibly the Prussians after, but by someone who spoke English; the blade is very professionally etched "A.L. from F.C.R. Sedan 1871". So either a British observer or perhaps a Prussian with a special friend or family member in Britain.

Battle of Sedan

Several French regimental markings to the hilt. The 36 inch blade in very good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt has lost quite a bit of original gilt. The grip in good order with the ring bindings (twisted grip wire) present and tight. The scabbard having suffered some slight rusting over the years but not much and very sturdy still. Further / full sized images available upon request. Item reference code 249 (96).

image french hilt markings

image m1822 grip





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