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French AN XIII Cuirassier Heavy Cavalry Sword / Sabre (Sold)

Authentic Klingenthal / Versailles Napoleonic French Heavy Cavalry Sword, dated November 1813 (Authentic Klingenthal / Versailles Sabre de cavalerie de Cuirassier An XIII, lame en date Novembre 1813, corriger inspecteur poinçons, acquis en Grande-Bretagne, il est probablement une capture de trophée de guerre de cavalerie napoléonienne.)

Napoleonic French Heavy Cavalry Cuirassiers Sabre ANXIII.Napoleonic French Heavy Cavalry Cuirassiers Sword ANXIII.

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Legendary AN XIII Cuirassier heavy cavalry sabre in very good condition, manufacturer marked and dated along spine "Mf ture Imp ale du Klingenthal 9bre 1813" - 9bre = Novembre / November (as in the Latin sound of the figure 9). Hilt marked to Versailles with rack number "687", inspector "LF" (Levavasseur) poinçon and various other arsenal markings. Blade with the correct inspector "poinçons" (inspection marks) of Joseph Innocent Krantz, Jean-Georges Bick and François Louis Lobstein (see: Klingenthal Markings and Inspector Markings).


This King or perhaps Emperor of cavalry swords has the field service spear point which shows it was carried in battle. In fact, this sword is said to have been captured by Allied (British, Prussian and Dutch) forces at the famous Battle of Waterloo, which is not such a wild claim when you think about it as this AN XII came from Britain and had been there for some time. There are so many replicas of this superb cavalry sword masquerading as originals but none have the correct markings like authentic specimens such as this one. Further photos available upon request.

AN XII poinçons


Levavasseur Inspection Poincon

image Klingenthal November 1813


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