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Thurkle Victorian British Navy Officer's Sword, Claymore Blade (sold)

In very good condition, a Thurkle of Soho London made claymore bladed Victorian British Royal Naval officer's sword.

Thurkle Victorian British Navy Officer's Sword with Claymore BladeVictorian British Naval Officer's Sword, Claymore Blade

Sales enquiries

After years of waiting, this is one of three Claymore bladed British Royal Naval Officer swords I bought at the same time; don't let the fact I got 3 like that fool you, these swords are exceptionally rare. These Scottish bladed swords came at a premium, so only well to do and aspiring officers tended to have them. This one of the three has the most potential in terms of original owner!

The highly impressive and in very good condition 31 inch blade has the original owner's initials etched to it; "I G H". If someone was prepared to spend perhaps half a day searching through all the likely officers names surname beginning "H" and with the initials "I G" for the period 1876 to 1899 (I very much suspect the earlier the most likely in that date range), there is a very good chance they could identify the original owner, and then research his career. I will provide the (free to use) database location to any buyer of course.

To view the other 2 claymore bladed RN swords I bought at the same time as this one, see: Wilkinson made RN Claymore and Frisby of Gosport RN Claymore.

This particular sword is unique in that it does not have a folding guard; perhaps the officer who ordered it suspected he might one day need it and had heard folding guards equal weakness. Whatever the reason, the sword certainly looks the part. Although it has some rust spots to the blade these are thankfully few in number and not pitted. The blade is form in the hilt but the hilt does a very small amount of movement; nothing to really spoil the pleasure of wielding it. The fishskin grip is on good order, the ring bindings (twisted grip wire) all present and correct. The scabbard is also equally in good shape and the sword sheathes well with the locking mechanism as it should be.

Further / full sized pictures available upon request. My item reference number is 455 (50).


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