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Victorian Wilkinson Claymore British Royal Naval Officer's Sword (sold)

Exceptional Scottish Claymore bladed Victorian British Royal Naval Officer's Sword, by Wilkinson.

Victorian Wilkinson Claymore British Royal Naval Officer's SwordVictorian Wilkinson Claymore British Royal Naval Officer's Sword

Sales enquiries

This is the one of, if not the rarest Victorian British naval swords, a Claymore bladed officer's sword, and in virtually mint condition (some minor patination to a few blade areas, some wear as you would expect). There are very few naval sword collections in the world where this would not take pride of place.

Being a Wilkinson, it has a serial number, 14844 to the spine, which is for very early 1867. The Wilkinson sales ledger which is still available for research shows the original purchaser was one Charles John Doxat Esquire, so this was his commissioning sword. The blade is etched with his initials "C J D" to further confirm him as the original owner. Research shows C J Doxat was injured on 20th June 1867. I have some of his naval history available for the buyer; the handwriting is very bad though. After at least 6 months leave, it is clear in 1868 he went on to serve on HMS Royal Adelaide built as a 104-gun First rate ship of the line, but by this time multi-decked wooden battleships like the Royal Adelaide were serving as reserve supply ships, so his injuries must have been severe. He appears in the 1881 census where he lived at Peak House, Dawlish, Devon, England.

It is very rare to find Victorian naval swords in such fine condition. This one being so good and with a Claymore blade makes it particularly collectible and a very good investment. Do not be put off by the fact I bought 3 claymore bladed Victorian naval swords at the same time (see other listings: James Frisby of Gosport Claymore RN Sword and Thurkle made Claymore RN Sword); in my many years of collecting this is the first time I have actually seen one.

The 31 3/4 inch blade is in exceptionally good order, some minor patination here and there. Firm in the hilt; the guard's gilt still bright, the fishskin and wire bindings in very good order. The scabbard is in good condition, the leather a little tired in a few odd places; it sheathes well. urther / large images available upon request. My item reference number 436.

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