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Victorian British Royal Naval Officer's Sword with Claymore Blade (sold)

Very rare version of a Victorian British RN Officer's Sword with a Scottish Claymore Blade.

Victorian British Royal Naval Officer's Sword with Claymore Blade

Sales enquiries

When I asked one specialist militaria auctioneer when he last saw one, he said in the 1980's. These are exceptionally rare and sought after variations of a Victorian British Royal Naval Officer's Sword.

Claymore bladed swords were popular with both Scottish officers for obvious reasons, and with well-to-do officers with more money to spend on their swords.

This one was made by James Frisby of Gosport, the maker's name or more accurately the faded remains of it just visible on the blade. This rare sword can be improved upon with a little TLC to remove some of the sulphur blue oxidation areas to the hilt, etc. A stunning sword but clearly living up to the fact RN swords had harsh service lives with the sword knot just a remnant and areas of blade patinated, some pitting to the area near the tip. The etched 30 1/2 inch (original owner likely a shorter man) is firm in the hilt, the hilt with some gilt remaining, the fold-down section still locks onto the scabbard well, the fishskin good but perhaps could benefit from a clean, the ring bindings (twisted grip wire) complete and generally good, the scabbard aged, the leather a little tired, the fittings a little loose.

Get one while you can; these swords simply do not appear on the market very often to say the least. Further / large images available upon request. My item reference number 432.



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