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Waterloo French 2nd Cuirassier Regt AN XIII sabre (sold)

A Waterloo battle trophy AN XIII with original clipped point blade believed to have been carried by a trooper of the 2nd Cuirassier Regiment.

Waterloo Sabre 2e Regiment de CuirassiersWaterloo Sabre 2nd Regiment of Cuirassiers

Sold Item Notice

A very interesting An XIII Cuirassier sabre for many reasons, believed to have been carried by a trooper of the French 2nd Cuirassier Regiment at Waterloo. It has the original clipped point blade.

Arsenal Paris

An interesting AN XIII because of the blade; the blade was made privately outside the state system yet for a state trooper. The markings on the blade "AP" (Arsenal Paris - dating the blade to pre-1814) and frequently found yet unknown Parisian inspector's CM "poinçons" can be found on page 181 of Michel Petard's "Des sabres et des epees" (Tome Premier) . The hilt is marked to Versailles and has the elite "Boutet B" to indicate the sword was ultimately approved by the head of Versailles. I understand these facts mean the sabre was most likely issued to a trooper of the 2nd Cuirassier Regiment as they were previously the Royale-Cavalerie and had a history of private arms maker acquisitions. To French collectors the Boutet B significantly increases the value of a collector's sword.

Versailles, Chateaubrun

Boutet, verifie

On the hilt the mark of Versailles is accompanied by the "C" under star poinçons (inspection mark) of Chateaubrun dating this to July to December 1813; the other star mark is a general French testing - re acceptance stamp; the "V" is for "verifie" or verified. There is also a B star poinçons for the reviewer Bick (December 1813 to September 1818). So it is fair to say this sabre was made in December 1813.

The blade is interesting in that the tip is unaltered (many An XIII's had their points ground to a spear point) yet is "only" 96cm rather than the normal 97cm of clipped point (unaltered) Klingenthal (state) made blades. Clipped pointed An XIII's are the most sought after with some collectors claiming only these were at Waterloo.

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I guarantee this sabre, bought by me from the UK is a battle trophy from the 100 Days War as, if it had stayed in French military service, it would have later (post 1815) inspection marks to it. When you hold this An XIII you can be absolutely sure it was once held by a Cuirassier in the 100 Days War and who likely perished, was (even worse) injured or captured.

The blade is firm in the hilt, the brass hilt with some minor dents, nothing major. The leather grip is original which is good news, but very worn and tired. The twisted grip wire is also original though a little loose in places due to the demise of the leather beneath it. The steel scabbard has some pitting to the drag area and a small ding but is otherwise sound. Further / full sized images available upon request. Item reference number 333 / Box7-118.

image an xiii grip





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