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Signed Showa 1938 M WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Katana (sold)

A signed, Showa stamped, 1938 Model Japanese army officer's shin gunto (katana) with very clean blade.

Showa 1938M Japanese Officer's KatanaSigned shin gunto showa katana

Sold Item Notice

In good to very good condition though with the fuchi (band around the grip next to the guard / tsuba with the saya holding clasp) missing (both original and good reproduction fuchi are widely sold on eBay) and there a few dents in the original painted metal saya (scabbard).

Showa Stamp

The showa stamped 85cm blade (64.5 cm cutting edge excluding habaki) is in overall very good condition with only a few slight blemishes and a very distinct hamon. The grip is in good order. The tang is signed Maekawa Masatsugu saku (Maekawa Masatsugu made this).


Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

Maekawa Masatsugu Saku

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