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Waterloo Clipped Point French An XIII Heavy Cavalry Sword, Sold

In overall good condition, a rare Waterloo battle trophy clipped point French An XIII heavy cavalry sword, Versailles hilt.

Waterloo Clipped Point French An XIII Heavy Cavalry Sword, Versailles Hiltimage Q38 1

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Most French An XIII heavy cavalry blades were converted to spear point (for better piercing) just before Waterloo; this one has an unmodified clipped point, full length blade. The blade is a pre-1810
"Mfure Impale du Klingenthal Coulaux frères" marked (to the spine) blade with correct early Bick poinçon. We know it is a British battle / war trophy because there are no post-1815 poinçons anywhere on the hilt and because it is in a Mark 3 / 1816M (introduced in 1814) scabbard, which these swords had at Waterloo (but not before). The Versailles hilt makes this even more desirable.

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The 38 1/4 inch blade is in generally very good condition, a little bending (not much - too little to photo), probably period battle damage. The hilt is in generally very good condition, but the inner lip is a little bent inwards (again, likely to be period damage). The leather grip and twisted grip wire bindings are probably replacements, possibly period. The scabbard has some period damage which has been repaired, probably more recently. The sword sheathes and draws well enough but could benefit from a good greasing.

Clipped point, Waterloo trophy; yours for £? (too late, now sold) . Please quote item reference Q38 (0351). Further / full sized images available upon request.

The An XI / XIII is, for us, the most effective and stylish heavy cavalry sword ever made. It is also afflicted with much false conjecture stated as fact, and is also one of the most faked / reproduced swords on the market (we 100% guarantee our swords are not reproductions / fakes). We have written an article on the subject here.

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