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19C Mughal Rams Head Shamshir, Crucible Wootz Steel Blade, sold

In good condition, a very rare Mughal ram's head shamshir with crucible wootz steel Aradam blade.

19th Century Mughal Rams Head Shamshir, Aradam Crucible Wootz Steel Bladeimage C54 1

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A true "Aradam" (serrated both edges) bladed ram's head shamshir. The blade clearly of crucible wootz steel, the patina confirming it is 19th Century.


The 28 inch blade has some greater aging / wear to the tip end, but is generally very good, the speckling of the patinated wootz steel very vivid. Blade is a very little loose in its cast bronze hilt, but nothing too detrimental. This is such a rare sword that collectors should be jumping at it in any condition, but this example is very good all round and therefore exceptionally well priced at only £? (too late, now sold). Further / full-sized pictures available upon request. Please quote item reference number C54 (641).





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