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1821P British / Scottish Heavy Cavalry Officer's Pipe-Back Sword (sold)

In very good condition, a British heavy cavalry officer's pipe-back sword with Scottish thistle wreath etching to blade.

1821P British / Scottish Heavy Cavalry Officer's Pipe-Back Swordimage B82 1

Sold Item Notice

A true 1821P heavy cavalry sabre with pipe-backed blade. Although many swords of this pattern exist, most are much later and were carried by both light and heavy cavalry. This blade and the Victorian cypher dates the sword from 1838 to around 1850. Unlike most cyphers however, there is not a Union Wreath (roses, thistles and shamrocks) but solely thistles, so the sword was for a Scottish Heavy Cavalry officer. The etching is feint but can be clearly seen in the full sized photos available upon request. As a tempting bonus thought, this sword came from a deceased's estate which included a sword I suspect is a Crimean War trophy. It is possible, though with no guarantee and / or provenance, that this 1821P could have been held at the Balaclava Charge of the Heavy Brigade by an officer of the Scots Grays; a slim chance, but a lovely evocative thought as you hold what is a very fine sword anyway.

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The impressive 35 inch pipe back blade is in exceptionally good order; yes, it has been worn a little with cleaning, but is still well, well above average. There is no maker's mark evident but this could have been "cleaned off". The blade is firm in the hilt. The steel honeysuckle hilt is in excellent order, very impressive. The fishskin grip with twisted grip wire bindings is equally in very good order. The steel scabbard is in great shape, with a couple of digs / dents, but nothing that detracts. The sword sheathes and draws pretty well, though a little loose, so the scabbard's wooden liners have deteriorated. A great example and investment. Please quote reference number B82 (576). Full sized / further images available upon request.

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