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1876 Model Prussian Cuirassier's Sword / Dengen, Sold

In good condition, an exceptionally rare 1876M Prussian dengen (Cuirassier sword) by F. D . Luneschloss.

1876 Model Prussian Cuirassier's Sword / Dengenimage AA63 1

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Rare on two counts; first, it is an 1876M Prussian Cuirassier sword (a variation / improvement on the 1854M); second it is marked "F D" with the Luneschloss helmet and sword Trademark (a scarce variation mark of P D Luneschloss). Not many of this model were actually made, because the Prussians had a glut of captured French swords from their victory in the Franco-Prussian war of 1871. This model is shown on page 181 (Swords of Prussia section) in "German Swords and Swords Makers" by Richard H. Bezdek.

image AA63 2 F D Luneschloss

The 35 1/2 inch blade is in good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt is overall good, the inner lip of the hilt is bent down (this is the norm, they were made with this bend, though this one may have been bent a little further than normal), a small crack to one bar, some denting but not too much. The walnut grip has lost its leather covering and twisted grip wire, and has some shrinkage cracks. The single suspension ring (popular with France and Germany / Prussia) steel scabbard is in good condition. The sword sheathes and draws well, if a little loosely as the tightening screw is missing.

A rare, rare, rare sword and only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number AA63 (0047). Further / full sized images upon request.

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