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Waterloo War Trophy French Heavy Cavalry Sword / Sabre (sold)

A guaranteed authentic French heavy cavalry sword with scabbard; a Waterloo / Napoleonic wars battle trophy.

Waterloo War Trophy French Heavy Cavalry Sword / Sabreimage 701 2

Sold Item Notice

A Klingenthal bladed, Versailles hilted, Napoleonic French An XIII Cuirassier trooper's sword; a French heavy cavalry sabre of the 100 Days War.

I 100% guarantee this to be an authentic sword; be careful, the vast majority of these swords on the market are reproductions. This sword is authentic; it was carried by one of Napoleon's feared heavy cavalrymen in 1815. It was taken either from the battlefield or shortly thereafter as a war trophy, most likely from a surrendered, injured or even fallen French cavalryman. There are no post 1815 markings and the sword was bought by me in England from a family who can not account as to how or when it came into their possession. It is not a post war tourist collector's piece; it comes from the 100 Days War (Waterloo).

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The markings / poinçons (inspection stamps) on this sabre are 100% correct. The blade is dated by the Imperial French state Klingenthal factory as December ("Xbre") 1813. The inspection marks of Krantz (Star over K), Bick (reefed B) and Lobstein (L) are the correct poinçons for this date. The brass hilt is marked "Versailles" showing the sword to have been made at the prestigious Versailles armaments factory. This sword is 100% correct. See my article on these swords here: French An XIII Cuirassier Sabres.

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The monstrously impressive 96 cm spear pointed twin fullered blade is in very good order, a little rubbed through sheathing here and there. Blade firm in the hilt, the brass hilt I have left a little tarnished (it was black when I got it) to befit the aging elsewhere, but you could clean it right up if you wanted to with a well known brass cleaner. The leather grip is original and is sound; it has lost the twisted copper wire ring bindings but these can be fairly easily replaced (happy to tell any buyer how to do this). It is nice to have the original grip, to share the grip the Cuirassier once held. Steel mark 3 (introduced 1814, made the official pattern in 1816) scabbard in good order, the sword sheathes well. A very good example and Versailles hilted is a bonus. My price for this sword is £1600. These swords are highly prize and collected, and are soaring in cost, so this should prove a great investment. Further / full sized images upon request. My reference number is 701 (249).

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