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Rare 6th Carabiniers Dragoon Guards Heavy Cavalry Sabre (sold)

Rare 6th Carabiniers Heavy Cavalry Sabre in very good condition, Edward 7th (1902) to important named officer with provenance.

6th Carabiniers Dragoon Guards heavy cavalry sabre6th Carabiniers Dragoon Guards heavy cavalry sword

Sold Item Notice

An especially good and rare 6th Carabiniers Heavy Cavalry Sword sold by Wilkinson in 1902 to then one Lieutenant Samuel Wentworth Webster, having just finished a tour of duty in South Africa which saw him in several actions against the Boers.

6th Carabiniers

An exclusive and highly prized / sought after variant of the 1821P heavy cavalry sabre, the 6th Carabiniers had special right to include their regimental insignia in the hilt design and of course on the blade. Also with the etched initials of "S W W" attesting to its once owner.

Samuel Wentworth Webster

Samuel Wentworth Webster was commissioned into the 6th Carabiniers as a 2nd Lieutenant on the 20th December 1899, promoted to Lieutenant on the 3rd October 1900, making Captain on the 2nd July 1907 and Major on the 1st may 1913. His Boer War notes (from Hart's List) are below. I believe he was seriously injured in WW1 (further research needed) though he did survive the war and is still shown as Major for this famous heavy cavalry regiment in the Army List of 1919.

This sabre is in very good condition, the 35 inch blade well etched with very little rust and firm in the hilt. The fishskin a little worn and one ring binding / turn of twisted grip wire missing, but everything generally very sound. The field leather scabbard a little tired but still in good order. Original leather sword knot included. This is a fine sword from a very important officer and well worth the investment. Sword reference number 269 (63).

Lieut. Webster served in South African war in 1899-1902, and took part in operations in Transvaal Oct. to 29th Nov. 1900; in the Transvaal 30th Nov. 1900 to Sept. 1901, Nov. 1901 to April 1902, and May 1902; in Orange River Colony April to May 1902; and on the Zululand Frontier of Natal in Sept. and Oct. 1901 (Medal with three Clasps, King's Medal with two Clasps).




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