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17C Japanese Wakizashi, Musashi kami Fujiwara Kanenaka, sold

In fair condition, an authentic 17C (Tenna era) (1681-1684) Japanese Wakizashi, Musashi kami Fujiwara Kanenaka.

17C (Tenna era) Japanese Wakizashi, Musashi kami Fujiwara KanenakaImage w37 1

Sold Item Notice

The mei, written on both sides of the tang, is "Musashi kami Fujiwara Kanenaka, Echizen ju". Fujiwara Kanenaka is a Toko Taikan ¥2,500,000 rated smith. This means Toko Taikan (a reference book by a renowned expert, Dr. Tokuno, giving financial values for blades) rates the very best blade ever made by Fujiwara Kanenaka in high polish is worth around $23,500 USD. Now this blade is not his best, nor in the best condition / polish, but it is worth what we are asking.

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The 16 1/2 inch (cutting edge length) blade has seen better days but the hamon is clear / well defined, and the blade probably would come out stunning with a professional polish. The "furniture" (tsuba, menuki, etc.) are all good quality and in general good condition except for the "same" (ray skin tsuka / grip base) which has small age / dry splitting / cracking and the habaki (blade collar) which has some denting. The blade a little loose in the hilt. There is no saya / scabbard, but these can quite easily and cheaply be bought online.

A 335+ year old blade with polish potential from a notable smith in decent wakizashi mounts, all for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number W37 (1151). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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