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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto with 17C Family Blade, Sold

In good condition, a WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto with 17th Century Family Blade, signed Nobukuni Heishiro Yoshimasa.

WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto with 17th Century Family Bladeimage v39 1

Sold Item Notice

A really interesting war time sword because the officer owner was clearly about show, as he had imperfections "fukure" repaired with "Umegane", where the imperfection is painstakingly cut out in a rectangle, filled with a special steel, and then a thin layer from the original steel produced to cover it. For nihonto collectors this is not good. But for militaria collectors, it speaks of the Japanese officer's attitude towards flaws and need to eliminate / correct them irrespective of the cost. On this blade, there are three Umegane; one has lost the thin layer, one is showing its edges, the last is just visible. The blade is signed Nobukuni Heishiro Yoshimasa (though the last kanji / characters are corroded), a highly respected smith.

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The 30 1/2 inch nagasa (cutting edge section) blade is in very good condition with fairly high polish. Besides the Umegane, it does have a small nick to the cutting edge, most likely from WW2. The furniture (tsuba, tsuka, etc) are all tight and the seppa have very bespoke numbering, which shows the original owner / officer was very proud of his sword and blade. The saya has lost some of its war time paint. The sword sheathes and draws well and the securing catch mechanism works but does not locate; it is just shy of doing so.

Despite the rare umegane affecting the aesthetics, this is a great, very interesting shin gunto and a bargain at £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference V39 (0978). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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