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WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Copper Hilted Shin Gunto, Sold

In battle worn condition, a rare WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Copper Hilted Shin Gunto.

WW2 Japanese Army NCO's Copper Hilted Shin Guntoimage v06 1

Sold Item Notice

This is one of the original Japanese non commissioned officer's (sergeant's) shin guntos and has clearly seen action; it is scary to think how it got the nicks it has to the blade. If you want a pristine version of a copper hilted shin gunto, this is not it. The saya has lost its mouthpiece (kuchi-gane), the sarute loop securing bolt is gone, replaced by a wooden peg in some kind of mastic. The tsuka dented. This sword has seen combat. Serial number 1567.

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The 26 3/8 inch blade is in aged condition; patina, wear, old sharpening marks, nicks. Blade has a little movement in the hilt. The copper hilt is aged and dented. The steel saya / scabbard is aged and battle worn, kuchi-gane missing, with correct rounded copper drag / chape. The sword sheathes and draws loosely.

OK, it has been through the wars quite literally, and for some that is worth more than a good condition desk / prison sergeant's gunto. A really evocative investment for just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference V06 (0947). Further / full sized images available upon request.

Foot note: It may well be possible to use a saya / scabbard mouth piece and retention bolt from a reproduction NCO gunto (please note: reproductions are of the later aluminium variant and the hilt securing bolt is different to the one used by these earlier copper hilted versions, though should hopefully work well enough).

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