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15C / 16C Ashu Ujiyoshi Saku Bo-hi bladed shin gunto (sold)

In Japanese WW2 army officer shin gunto mounts, a superior bo-hi (grooved) 15th / 16th Century katana blade, signed Ashu Ujiyoshi Saku.

Bo-hi blade shin gunto mountsCat scratch habaki

Sold Item Notice

Bo-hi blades represent the finest blades from the Japanese masters. This blade is signed "Ashu Ujiyoshi Saku" from around 1500 (see: Ashu Ujiyoshi Saku). This name was used by several generations of the same sword making family during the 15th and 16th Century. They are believed to descended come from the Fuji Oei line of sword smiths (see: Awa Kaibu Group).

This 23.5 (cutting edge) blade is in very good condition though would benefit from a professional polish as can be seen. The blade is exceptionally well made with no discernable forging flaws (ware / fukure). It has a very clear Asaki-notare type hamon. There are a couple of small chips (not fatal) to the tip. The end of the saya retaining clip is missing so the scabbard will slide off when sheathed. The sharkskin is worn in places.


An exceptional blade in Shin gunto mounts. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Item reference number 102 (90)

Ashu Ujiyoshi Saku

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