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Edward 7th / George 5th Nobleman Cavalry Officer’s Court Sword (sold)

Made in 1910 this court sword was the property of Sir Gray Humberston d'Estoteville Skipwith, 11th Baronet of Prestwould.

Edward 7th / George 5th Court Swordimage edward 7th george 5th court sword 2

Sold Item Notice

I bought this court sword from the same estate as this Wilkinson Patent Solid Hilt cavalry sword and was informed they were owned by the same person. Research on the Wilkinson sales ledger showed the original owner of that sword (made in 1908) to be Sir Gray Humberston d'Estoteville Skipwith, 11th Baronet (1884-1950) of Prestwould, see Skipwith Baronets. This court sword was sold by Anderson of St. James Street London who was only in business at that address during 1910. As a member of the nobility, Sir Skipwith would have owned a court sword so the available facts confirm the verbal provenance of this sword.

image anderson st james street london

A fine court sword made in the year King Edward 7th dies and George 5th replaced him. Made for an officer as the fine etching includes typical military drums and lances designs. It is almost certain this sword would have been warn at Buckingham Palace in the presence of the then king given Sir Skipwith was a nobleman.

image court sword etching

The 31 1/4 inch blade in mostly very good order; some very light rust spots along the blade, some denser rust near the forte / ricasso; stabilized by me to become so called black patina. The gilt of the hilt very good, the portepee in good order. The scabbard in good condition but the fittings have lost much gilding. A lovely sword to own knowing pretty much it once was worn in the presence of a British King. Further / full sized photos available upon request. Sword reference number 251.




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