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Teed / Lloyds Patriotic Fund Presentation / Special Order Sword, Sold

In aged / worn condition, a super rare Georgian Brunn or Teed Lloyds Patriotic Fund Presentation / Special Presentation / Order Sword.

Georgian Teed / Lloyds Patriotic Fund Presentation / Special Order Swordimage ae66 1

Sold Item Notice

The embracing lion's claws backpiece is that used on Lloyds Patriotic Fund Presentation Swords and our research indicates this design was exclusive to the fund, used by Richard Teed (principle cutler to the fund) and also Samuel Brunn (secondary cutler to the fund). However, no matter how fine the rest of the hilt is, we have been unable to find another Lloyds Patriotic Fund sword like it. So it may be a rare non-Lloyds presentation / special order sword that skirted convention; if so, it would have cost a veritable fortune. Also, the sword style / blade is very much of the cavalry type and Lloyds Patriotic Fund swords were for naval and marine officers but, it was fashionable at the time by many naval officers to wear a version of the 1796 pattern cavalry sword, which this appears to be.

Is it a Lloyds Patriotic Fund sword, or another presentation sword daringly using the lion's claws backpiece design of the Lloyds swords? We can not say, but have priced it as a rare special order cavalry officer's sword. If it can be shown to be a Lloyds Patriotic Fund sword, then its value would be four or five times what we are asking.

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The 30 1/2 inch blade is worn and aged with a steady patina throughout. There is no sign of etching (or a maker's name) on the blade, but the forward cutting edge is still very sharp (the blade was period sharpened) which indicates it was possibly made as an active service sword. The hilt generally is sound but worn and a little battered. The langet one side has been bent at the end. The chequered ebony grip is in good condition with just a couple of scrapes. There is what appears to be a period, maybe later screw repair / reinforcement to the back piece, presumably to tighten it or the tang of the blade.

A really bespoke and rare sword, well worth £? (too late, now sold), maybe a lot more with some research. Please quote item reference AE66 (0976). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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