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1788P Yeomanry / Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre / Sword, Sold

In aged but sound condition, an unusual 1788 Pattern Yeomanry / Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre / Sword by Woolley.

1788 Pattern Yeomanry / Light Cavalry Officer's Sabre / Sword by Woolleyimage ae61 1

Sold Item Notice

An unusual 1788 pattern in that the blade is 30 1/4 inch yet does not appear to have been shortened (based on the tip and curvature of the blade). It may have been made for a yeomanry officer who, for whatever reason, perhaps his own height or belief close quarter sword play was the way to go, had this sword blade specially made.

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The 30 1/4 inch blade has a deep patina throughout, some pitting but not too much, and is firm in the hilt. The hilt / guard in good though aged condition. The fishskin grip has suffered somewhat the test of time and has some loss, showing the gripping twine and wooden base underneath.

A famous maker, a scarce pattern of sword and a special bespoke version all in one for just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference AE61 (0957). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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