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Victorian Wilkinson Kings Own Scottish Borderer Officer's Sword

Henry Wilkinson made (1883) Victorian Kings Own Scottish Borderer officer's basket hilted broadsword for sale.

King's Own Scottish Borderers Officer's SwordKing's Own Scottish Borderers Officer's Broadsword

Sold Item Notice

Scarce regimentally marked basket hilt by Wilkinson, serial number 25294 (first sword proofed in 1883); unfortunately the Wilkinson sales ledger is amiss for this sword (Wilkinsons got the numbers Vs purchasers confused for a section of the ledger) but the original owner may still be able to be determined (an 1884 / 85 Hart's Army List, which I do not have a copy of, would show the newly commissioned officers for the Kings Own Scottish Borderers which could be cross-referenced with the names on the Wilkinson ledger). Anyway, as it stands this is a fine sword which may well appreciate in value significantly if someone spends a little time and money on research.

image henry wilkinson blade

The sword is in good condition overall, the 32 1/4 inch blade a little worn more one side than the other, the hilt still mostly bright, the hilt liner / scarlet / blue ribbon trim good (likely a replacement), the nickel plated scabbard in good order. Further pictures available upon request.

image kings own scottish borderers

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