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Wilkinson ERII British Infantry Officers Sword (Sold)

A Wilkinson Sword made British Infantry Officer's Sword, ERII / Queen Elizabeth 2nd; current model / monarch sword suitable for parade ground use / officer's passing out parade / dress use. Although this sword is 100% British regulation, it was originally sold to the Rhodesian Government.

ERII Wilkinson British Infantry Officer's SwordERII Infantry Officer's Sword

Sold Item Notice

Good condition ERII / Queen Elizabeth 2nd Wilkinson Sword made British infantry officer's sword, serial number 86717 for 1964; the Wilkinson ledger shows this to have been sold to the Rhodesian Government. A few blemishes here and there but with a little TLC using a buffing cloth this sword could still be the envy of the officer's mess given this famous cutler no longer make swords.

ERII Royal Cypher

The blade is firm in the hilt, the fishskin / grip in very good order, the blade in very good order with the etching clear. The sword sheathes and unsheathes well in and out of the nickel plated scabbard. The hilt is in good order, the scabbard mostly in good order but with some signs of wear at the top. Further pictures available upon request.

image wilkinson sword made in england




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