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WW2 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat Officers Dirk / Dagger (Sold)

Overall good condition, etched WW2 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat Officers Dirk / Dagger, marked to Kapitänleutnant Peter Schrewe (Commanding officer of U-537).

WW2 German Kriegsmarine Officers Dirk

Sold Item Notice

Good condition, well etched German navy (WW2 Kriegsmarine) officer's dirk or dagger. The gilt on the scabbard is a little worn in places and the knot is cord tatty, but the important blade and hilt are good. Made by E & F Horster of Solingen, the scabbard release mechanism is still good. Marked on the top of the scabbard throat is the original officer owner's name "Schrewe" (Kapitänleutnant Peter Schrewe) who commanded Unterseeboot 537 (U-537), which holds the distinction of making the only armed German landing in North America during the second world war (it's crew installed a weather station on Martin Bay, Labrador). Kapitänleutnant Peter Schrewe (born 3rd Dec, 1913 Grosshof, Tapiau, East Prussia) and all his fellow officers and men lost their lives on the 9th November 1944 in the Java Sea east of Surabaya by torpedoes from the USS Flounder (a US Gato class submarine). Further pictures available upon request.

image German WW2 Kriegsmarine Officers Dagger

image german navy dirk

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