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French Model 1896 Light Cavalry Officer's Sword (Sold)

Very good condition WW1 French light cavalry officer's sword with scabbard, Model 1896 dated November 1914. Sabre d'officier de Cavalerie de Ligne M1896.

French 1896M Cavalry Officer's SwordSabre d'officier de Cavalerie de Ligne M1896

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Lovely example of the French WW1 cavalry officer's sword in exceptionally good condition. Dated November ("9bre" which actually = November) 1914 at the very beginning of the war, marked along the spine to the government arms factory at Châtellerault, specifying model 1896 size two (90 cm blade for light cavalry) plus the date. The blade is exceptional and firm in the hilt.

Medusa hilt

Good condition brass hilt with Medusa image inside. Grip good and solid (few minor chips / blemishes) with wire ring bindings intact. The scabbard a little rusted but very strong and sound, the sword sheathing well. Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

blade spine


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