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1908 Patt WW1 British Cavalry Trooper’s Sword (Sold)

Good condition 1908 Pattern cavalry trooper's sabre, marked to West Yorkshire Hussars, trooper's initials; abandoned in war time France late 1917.

West Yorkshire Hussars WW1 Cavalry SwordWest Yorkshire Hussars WW1 Cavalry Sabre

Sold Item Notice

I bought this British 1908 Pattern cavalry troopers sabre from France, near where the Germans managed to invade during their final major offensive of World War 1 in the last part of 1917. The seller said it had been abandoned / left behind by the soldier who "owned" it.

The sword is marked at the top of the scabbard to "YYH", the Yorkshire Yeomanry / Hussars. The blade shows an original issue date of November 1912 and a reissue year of 1917. In August 1917 the Yorkshire Princess of Wales's Own Hussars were mostly disbanded as a cavalry regiment and retrained as infantry; most men of which were assigned to the 9th Battalion of The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire.

The grip of this sabre, as was normal, has the initials ("P T") of the trooper scratched into it. I have searched the WW1 roll of honour database and can not find any serviceman with the initials "PT" serving for either the 9th Battalion of The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire or the Yorkshire Yeomanry who perished in that conflict, so my presumption is he was one of the lucky ones who made it home alive; although several soldiers with the same initials serving in other battalions of the The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire did get killed in action, so my presumption is not 100%.

The scabbard and bowl guard have both the remnants of the "dark khaki" paint used at that time for field service use; I removed areas of the paint on the scabbard and small section of the bowl guard to determine the regimental markings, etc. Generally in good condition and with the blade both firm in the hilt and holding the scabbard well, it is rare to get a sword with such a history.

Further pictures available upon request.

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