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Wilkinson WW1 1908 Pattern British Cavalry Trooper’s Sword (sold)

Good condition 1908 pattern British cavalry trooper's sabre / sword made by world famous maker Wilkinson Sword in 1915.

Wilkinson Sword made British 1908 P Cavalry Trooper's SabreWilkinson made British 1908 P Cavalry Trooper's Sword

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This is a good condition 1908 P cavalry trooper's sword by the famous Wilkinson Sword Company. Most sabres were made by the government owned EFD (Enfield) works, others by Mole of Birmingham; Wilkinson's swords above all are considered more exclusive.

image wilkinson 1908p cavalry troopers sabre 3

Made in October 1915 during World War 1, the hilt and scabbard having been blackened for field service use. The blackening around the scabbard throat may well be obscuring regimental and trooper markings; as there are the remains of the trooper's initials on the grip, this is even more likely. As Wilkinsons are noted for being issued to key cavalry regiments, a very nice surprise may await anyone who cares to look. Of course, the problem is, once you remove the blackening (army paint) around the scabbard throat, it will not look the same, though possibly it could be repainted. Everything is firm and how it should be. The tip has hit something and is a little bent / blunted (it may be possible to straighten / repoint it) and the grip is starting to deteriorate. Further pictures available upon request. Item Ref: 164 (76)

image wilkinson 1908p cavalry troopers sabre 4

image wilkinson 1908p cavalry troopers sabre 5


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