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Victorian Seaforth Highlanders Ross-Shire Buffs Officers Sword (sold)

Henry Wilkinson made (1885), owner initialed Victorian Seaforth Highlanders Ross-Shire Buffs officer's basket hilted broadsword for sale; exceptional blade.

Seaforth Highlanders Ross-Shire Buffs Officers SwordVictorian Seaforth Highlanders Ross-Shire Buffs Officers Broadsword

Sold Item Notice

This is a real sleeper of a sword; I do not think the blade has been out of the scabbard for 100 years. While the scabbard and hilt (and originally royal blue leather basket liner) have clearly all seen the test of time, the owner initialed, regimentally marked blade by Wilkinsons is in near mint condition; you will not find a blade like this in such good condition anywhere.

image Seaforth Highlanders Ross shire Buffs Scottish Broadsword 3

The blade's serial number is 26935 which means it was made in 1885. I have not performed a Wilkinson Sales Ledger search (these cost £16 if you would like it done) to determine the name of the original owner who bought it. I did research Hart's Army List for 1890 and could not find an officer with the initials "A I M" listed, so he either resigned his commission, moved to another regiment or perhaps was wounded or even killed in the Crimea War; the Seaforth Highlanders Ross-Shire Buffs saw action in the Crimea towards the end of that war. So you may find a worthy and rewarding research project as Victorian British army officers are fairly easily researched using Gazettes Online as long as you have their name of course. Earlier editions of Harts are also available online if you really want to research the original owner thoroughly.

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The sword is in good condition overall, the hilt does have some corrosion though it is mostly light, the scabbard is quite well corroded but this is not deep and the next owner may decide to refurbish (re plate) it and the hilt. The leather basket hilt leather liner has faded so the colour has gone, but it could be re dyed. The fishskin grip is in very good order and the ring binding (twisted wire) are complete and firm. The red tassel is original and in good order though coming away a little. The sword sheathes exceptionally well, the blade is firm and straight. I have stabilized the exterior rust so it is inert. Further pictures available upon request. Ref: 174

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