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WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katana, Sold

In very good refurbished condition, a WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katana

WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Shin Gunto Katanaimage U45 1

Sold Item Notice

This is a very impressive shin gunto katana and worth every penny we are asking for it, but you should be aware it has been modern refurbished. The "hamon" is actually a modern crafted sharpening line, the tsuka (hilt / grip) has had new same / rayskin and ito / bindings, plus the menuki ornaments are not original WW2. It is a gunto where someone has had a professional refurbish a war time sword and whereas it certainly looks exceptional (and in non-purist terms is), but it is not all original (though most is).

image U45 2
image U45 3
image U45 4

The unsigned 27 3/4 inch nagasa (cutting edge section) blade is in very good condition but the hamon is false, an undulating sharpening line. The rest of the sword is in very good condition and makes for an exceptional display piece, to say the least. The locking pin mechanism is present and works well. The sword sheathes and draws well.

A non-purist wow! Yours for only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference U45 (0867). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image U45 5

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image U45 7

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