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1826M Russian Cuirassier Trooper's Sword dated 1830, Sold

An exceptionally rare 1826 Model Russian Cuirassier Trooper's Sword dated 1830, a Battle of Balaclava Crimean War Trophy.

1826M Russian Cuirassier Trooper's Sword dated 1830, Crimean War Trophyimage U09 1

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Said and almost certain* to have been picked up from the Battlefield of Balaclava on the 25th October 1854, where both the commander of the Highland Brigade Sir Colin Campbell’s 93rd Highlanders (the origin of the "Thin Red Line") and Major General James Scarlett's Charge of the Heavy Cavalry Brigade defeated the Russian cavalry including Russian Cuirassiers of the Guard (Tsar Nicholas I's Life-Guards Cuirassier Regiment).

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* Issued Russian swords are rare to the market as they were not decommissioned in the same way as other armies / countries, so, apart from officer's / honour swords owned by the soldiers themselves, issued Russian swords like this one are invariably war trophies, and there not so many of those.

The Russian 1826M sword is clearly a near copy of the French An XIII cuirassier sword but for an angled rear grip section near the pommel, a slightly extended outwards hilt, and iconic Russian circle / cyrillic inspection / view marks. Also, the Russians, inspired by the pre-spear point An XI/XIII days, made and left their blades with hatchet points.

The 38 1/4 inch clipped point blade is in exceptionally good condition and firm in the hilt. The brass hilt / guard has a fair amount of tarnish but is structurally very good, just a few minor scrapes. The original leather grip has some mastic type repairs but is still good. The twisted grip wire bindings are a little crooked and loose but good. The chemically browned scabbard is good but with a ding or two. The sword sheathes and draws well but because the leather scabbard stop / washer on the blade is missing, if you fully sheath the sword it does tend to stick in the scabbard.

These are truly rare swords; we were lucky enough to buy two of them (the first one sold within hours, this is the second of the two). An evocative Battle of Balaclava British war trophy on top of being very rare, just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference U09 (0822). Further / full sized photos available upon request.

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