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Edwardian British County of London Regiment Officer's Sword, Sold

In aged / worn condition, a rare Edwardian British 21st County of London (Surrey Rifles) Regiment Officer's Sword, owner's / officer's initials.

Edwardian British 21st County of London (Surrey Rifles) Regiment Officer's Swordimage T77 1

Sold Item Notice

An unusual sword in that it has a dyed green leather grip, no doubt to match the British 21st County of London (Surrey Rifles) Regiment's uniform. This sword has the owner's / officer's initials to the blade, C W H. The royal cypher is difficult to determine buts looks to be Edward 7th, so it may well be possible to identify the officer.

image T77 2
image T77 3

The 32 1/4 inch blade is worn and aged with a cloudy tarnish; etching quite feint, maker's / retailer's name to the ricasso / forte is indistinguishable. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt is medium pitted but sound. The grip is aged with a few very hard to remove paint spots; the grip wire however is generally good. The leather scabbard has lost its chape / drag and is very aged but sound. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Rare and unusual sword with research potential, all for just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference T77 (0872). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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