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Early 1900's McCulloch Scottish Dirk, R W Forsyth Glasgow, for sale

In very good condition, a rare early 1900's McCulloch Clan Scottish Dirk, R W Forsyth Glasgow.

Early 1900's McCulloch Clan Scottish Dirk, R W Forsyth Glasgow

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The dirk is engraved around the scabbard throat "Vi et animo McCulloch", and marked to renowned maker "R W Forsyth Glasgow" on the blade. The dirk dates to the early 1900's but is in the style of Scottish dirks 100 to 150 years beforehand.

11 1/2 Inch blade in very good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt also good, a little aged. Brass sheath / scabbard in very good shape. The leather belt strap is aged but sound. The dirk sheathes and draws well.

An unusual and lovely object with clan provenance. At £1,000 it is not likely to be on our site for sale for long. Please quote item reference T65. Full sized / further images available upon request. 0794-59x8x8 (1.005).

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