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"Amazone" Early 19C Prussian Naval Officers Dirk, Sold

In good condition, a super rare "Amazone" Early 19C Prussian Naval Officers Dirk; Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts preußischer Marinedolch (Preußische Marine).

image T06 Early 19C Prussian Naval Officers Dirk Amazone

Sold Item Notice

This is the holy grail for German naval dirk collectors, a 100% authentic early to mid 19th Century Prussian naval officer's dirk. Otherwise known as an "Amazone" dirk as the first and only records of it are of officers on the SMS Amazone wearing these, though it was almost certainly worn Prussian navy wide. It is such a rare dagger / dirk that expert Thomas T. Wittmann in his (and Thomas M Johnson's) book "Collecting the Edged Weapons of Imperial Germany" indicates only one existed to his knowledge complete with sheath / scabbard in a private Danish collection (Thomas T. Wittmann does have one without a scabbard in his own personal collection).

The 10 1/2 inch blade is in good though aged condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt is overall good though aged and has one quillon a tad bent. The barley twist style wire grip is original and in good condition. The brass sheath is good though aged and stained (easily cleaned but maybe it is best left). The dirk sheathes and draws a little loosely.

You are never, ever likely to be able to buy another one. Worth an estimated $5,500 USD, our price is an absolutely superb investment at just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference T06 (0723). Full sized / further images available upon request.

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