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Circa 1770 / 1780 British Royal Naval Officer's Fighting Sword, Sold

In good condition, a circa 1770 / 1780 British Royal Naval Officer's Fighting Sword.

Circa 1770 / 1780 British Royal Naval Officer's Fighting Swordimage S90 1

Sold Item Notice

This is a slotted hilt naval hanger; this pattern is recognized as the standard pattern of fighting sword for Royal Navy officers during the American War of Independence / American Revolutionary War when the British fought battle after battle with the French and others in their rise to become the dominant sea power. Shipboard RN officers may well have had dress swords as well, but they would have carried fighting swords like this one during times of conflict.

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The 28 11/16 inch blade is in good condition but with some light pitting here and there. A little loose in the hilt but not too much. The brass hilt has some bending damage which looks period, from wearing the sword. The grip is original and unlikely to have have been covered in leather or fishskin.

Great condition for its age. Just imagine the adventures this sword was involved in and you will get much more than an investment from owning it. Yours for £1000. Please quote item reference S90. Further / full sized images upon request. Box 0711-1m (1.350).

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