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1740 Pattern English Infantry Hanger / Sword, Sold

In overall good but aged condition, a rare 1740 Pattern (Battle of Culloden era) English Infantry Hanger / Sword.

1740 Pattern English Infantry Hanger / Swordimage R07 1

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This sword has decommissioning marks (double crow's foot / broad arrow), a solid period repair (at one time, the blade was broken), and several nicks to the cutting edge. It seems clear this sword was actually used in battle, perhaps against the Jacobites, perhaps at Culloden.

image R07 2

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The 27 7/8 inch blade is sound condition; the point has been rounded down which would have been done when the sword was decommissioned. Blade a little loose in the hilt, as is the grip. The grip has lost its original grip leather but is sound and has grip wire, but this may not be original. Hilt is overall good, the quillon with a further decommissioning mark.

We have seriously under-priced this sword at just £? (Too late, now sold). Please quote item reference R07 (0471).

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