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1800-1810 Senior British Yeomanry Cavalry Officer's Sabre, For Sale

In good to very condition, a 1800-1810 Senior British Yeomanry Cavalry Officer's Sabre (or possibly regular cavalry regiment trumpeter / bugler).

1800-1810 Senior British Yeomanry Cavalry Officer's Sabre

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A 1796P pattern light cavalry sabre but with a lot of oak leaves (but no acorns) and a particularly pronounced curved blade. The scabbard engraved "Reddell Sword Cutler to His R.H the Prince Wales, Dukes of Sussex & Cambridge, 138 Jermyn Street, London" which dates the sabre 1800 to 1810. Possibly for a regular cavalry officer but most likely for a yeomanry (reserve / volunteer) cavalry officer as the blade is only 28 inches and therefore most likely a dress / show sword, although steel scabbards were generally for field use. It is also possible therefore that the sword was carried by the trumpeter (bugler) of a cavalry regiment, as they sometimes wore shorter swords. Given the prestigious maker, it is most likely yeomanry.

The 28 inch blade is in good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt / guard good. The black fishskin grip good but for a small hole; the twisted grip wire bindings gone. The steel scabbard worn and with a ding, but good. The sabre sheathes and draws a little loosely, so the inner wooden slats have gone.

Find another!. Yours for £900. Please quote item reference Q22. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0327-1m (1.995).

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