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WW2 British Royal Navy Officer's Sword, J N Wilson, HMS Hood, Sold

In good condition, the WW2 British Royal Navy Officer's Sword of Midshipman / Lieutenant James Nicholas Wilson, who while aboard HMS Hood took photos of the famous collision between HMS Hood and HMS Renown; includes 4 of his photos of that collision (3 have never been published before).

WW2 British Royal Navy Officer's Sword, J N Wilson, HMS Hood, Photosimage Q21 1

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Read about J N Wilson / the event here. James Nicholas Wilson was an off-duty RNVR Midshipman aboard HMS Hood watching maneuvers on the 23rd January 1935 when the Renown struck the Hood; he had his Box Brownie on him and snapped the accident. The Admiralty seized the negatives of his photos and three of the four original prints you get with the sword have never been published before.

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The 31 1/4 inch blade is in very good condition with only a splattering of patina (away from the etched areas) / wear. Blade firm in hilt. The hilt with quite a bit of gilt remaining is in good condition. The white fishskin (possibly faux) grip is in good condition, as are the twisted grip wire bindings. The sword knot is quite good but has fraying. The scabbard generally good. The all weather bag is aged and has lost the hood section. The sword sheathes and draws well. The folding guard section works well and locates firmly onto the scabbard locking pin.

Nice sword, great provenance; the photos alone are worth a fair bit of money. Yours for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference Q21 (0346). Full sized / additional photos available upon request.

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