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WW2 Japanese General / Field Officers Gendaito Shin Gunto, Sold

A superb WW2 Japanese General / Field Officers Gendaito Shin Gunto, with Knot and Family Mon, in good original polish.

WW2 Japanese General Officers Gendaito Shin Gunto, Knot, Family Monimage Q03 1

Sales enquiries

According to the person we bought this from, the sarute loop got lost accidentally when they took this sword apart out of interest. But the general / field officer's sword knot is original to the shin gunto. And the fact the sword knot is with the sword means this is no post-war mass surrender item, as Japanese officers removed their knots before surrendering their swords. This sword was taken off a Japanese general / field officer during combat / active operations; it was either taken from him after his personal surrender, or was taken off his injured or dead body.

The tang is unsigned, the blade clearly gendaito, the habaki is absolutely stunning and due to its condition is possibly partly pure gold, plus there is a silver family mon to the kabuto-gane (pommel) which may well allow someone to identify the original officer.

image Q03 2

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The 26 1/2 inch blade is in very good condition, no nicks, only a tiny line of ware, some scuffing / wear marks but not many. The rest is all very good except for the original leather combat cover, which is very aged and deteriorating (we have given it a generous leather balsaming to enrich / save what is left as much as is possible).

A superb shin gunto; words are not necessary. A true investment, £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference Q03 (0296). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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