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Prussian Napoleonic Wars Infantry Sword, Waterloo Provenance (sold)

A Prussian infantry short sword or hanger from the Napoleonic Wars, regiment served in the Russian Campaign and Waterloo.

Prussian Napoleonic Wars Infantry SwordNapoleonic Infantry Short Sword

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Nicely marked sword bearing Frederick William 3rd's cypher to the blade and regimental markings to the hilt showing it was held by a Prussian soldier in the 4th Kurmärk Landwehr Infantry Regiment; this regiment fought alongside the Russians in several major battles against Napoleon and then again with the British allies at Waterloo.

The 64 cm blade is in good original order and firm in the hilt. The brass hilt itself is solid. A very impressive piece that likely saw action several times against the French, the last time being towards the end of the Battle of Waterloo. Full sized / additional photos available upon request. Item reference number 392 (5).



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