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WW1 British RN Officer's Sword of C H Rock, HMS New Zealand, Sold

In good overall condition, the WW1 British RN Officer's Sword of Cdr C H Rock, Fleet Surgeon, HMS New Zealand.

WW1 British RN Officer's Sword of Cdr C H Rock, Fleet Surgeon, HMS New Zealandimage P87 1

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Marked to the all weather bag "C H Rock", Commander Rock was the fleet surgeon of the Grand Fleet aboard HMS New Zealand, which saw extensive action during WW1 (including Heligoland Bight, Dogger Bank, Jutland, Raid on Scarborough, and the Second Battle of Heligoland Bight ) and it is presumed / virtually guaranteed this sword was with him during this service / these battles.

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The 31 3/8 inch blade is in good order but with patina rust patches. Blade firm in the hilt which retains much gilt. The fishskin grip is generally good but with some minor edge loss; the twisted grip wire bindings are good. The pommel has lost its vanity cap / stopper. The leather and metal fittings scabbard is overall good, but there is a small hole one side. The sword sheathes and draws well but the scabbard does not full sheath, so the folding guard section does not locate onto the scabbard's securing pin (it may well just be a case of pushing it further to clear some leather fraying inside). The roeskin inner bag is generally good. The all weather bag also very good for its age, etc.

A nice example for an important officer who would likely have had his sword onboard with him. Just £? (too late, now sold)! Please quote item reference number P87 (0272). Further / full sized images upon request.

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