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1892P Victorian VRI Version, Infantry Officer's Sword, Initials, Sold

A rare 1892P VRI (Victoria Regina et Imperatrix) for a British infantry officer serving in India, owner's initials, in very good condition.

1892P Victorian VRI Version, Infantry Officer's Swordimage O82 1

Sold Item Notice

With "VRI" (rather than "VR") to the cartouche of the hilt / guard, this is a even scarcer variant of what is one of the most attractive and rarely seen rare 1892 Pattern British infantry officer's sword. It has the 1854P hilt / guard but the so called "dumb bell" blade that makes it one of the few remaining 1892 patterns (most were converted by their owners to the new hilt of the 1895P when this was introduced shortly after). So, rare, an 1892 pattern. Very rare, a VRI version of the 1892P. What makes this one even better is the condition and the fact the original owner's initials are etched to the blade.

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The 32 1/4 inch blade is in very good condition; some rubbing, not much, and firm in the hilt. The attractive gothic style hilt is in equally good shape. The fishskin grip in very good order, some age / wear, not much, the twisted grip wire bindings very good with only slight movement. The browned (for camouflage) steel scabbard with some age, but overall very good. The sword sheathes and draws very well.

Find another VGC VRI 1892P and then tell us how much of a bargain this one is. A superb investment at only £(too late, now sold, but we will divulge the original sales price for a small fee). Please quote item reference O82. Further / full sized images upon request. Box 1397-1m (2.158)

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